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Welcome to the unique world of Alex Dood, artist painter.

Art and pleasure come together. I believe in the magic of creativity and personal expression. My online space is dedicated to art that awakens the senses, inspires, and adds a touch of color to your everyday life. Explore the enchanting world of Pop Art, Street Art, collages, and abstract painting. Welcome to my dynamic collection where urban art meets vibrant visual expression. Each piece captures the effervescent energy of these artistic movements, transforming your space into a sanctuary of creativity and inspiration. Join me on this artistic journey where each artwork tells a story, where each brushstroke embodies the very essence of urban art. Welcome to my captivating universe. Alex Dood


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Tierra Antigua

- Pop Art -
Live in Explosive Colors

Discover my explosive selection of abstract Pop Art pieces, where each canvas reveals vibrant colors and bold shapes. This collection captures the energy of the Pop Art movement, blending iconic icons and modern creations for a bold and immersive visual experience.

- Street Art -
From the streets to your walls

Discover my explosive selection of abstract Pop Art, where each canvas vibrates with bold colors. From pop icons to modern interpretations, my collection captures the effervescent energy of movement, fusing the iconic past with contemporary creativity.

Œuvre Back to the Future d'Alex Dood

- Collages -
The Art of Creative Assembly

Discover the magic of artistic assemblage through my collection of unique collages. Each piece tells a story with juxtaposed images, varied textures and innovative compositions, reflecting diversity and fusion of ideas.

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